The Texases

June 17. 9:30PM.
No Cover.

The Texases play all your favorite classic country hits, from Waylon to Willie, Garth to Clint, and George to George. There’s gonna be huggin’, kissin’, boot-scootin’, and two-steppin’. There’s to be all manner of boozin’ and carryin’-on. DT Buffkin and Jerid Morris trade vocal duties, taking off on the likes of Brooks & Dunn, Mark Chesnutt, Kenny Rogers, and Bocephus himself. Complemented by the cryin’ pedal steel of Mr. Nick “Neck Beard” Richman, Mr. Downtown Jase Brown and his Stratocaster of World Renown, and of course the rhythmic stylings of Dr. Michael Kelly and Senator Charlie Cruz, The Texases are so smooth we make white lightning taste like flat zima. Whether you’re in the mood to drink your blues away in the light of our neon moon or chase our neon rainbow crosst the dance floor, if you find you’ve got yourself a seven-year ache, or if you’ve always felt you should’ve been a cowboy– now’s your chance, hoss.