Acoustic Tuesdays w/ Mark Sebby


8:00 PM

June 6, 13, 27. 8PM.
No Cover.

W/ Mark Sebby and a different special guest

Mark Sebby is a Texas born and raised singer songwriter. Since age 11 Mark knew his calling and began his journey. “I started playing rock & metal, Metallica, Slayer, AC/DC, you know all the stuff my parents hated” says Sebby. “I got my first guitar at age 11 from my oldest brother Wade, I had begged my mom and dad for years for one. I guess I owe most of this to my big brother. If he had not given me that guitar then, I really don’t know if I would be where I am today.”. Mark is a self taught musician and has not had any formal training. “I just hear it and feel it. I learned my chords and played along with the radio. It’s just a natural thing.”

Mark’s musical influences are as broad a spectrum as one can imagine. He walked into the High School Jazz Band in San Marcos with no formal training, won an “Outstanding Soloist Award” at his first and only Jazz Band Competition, and probably blew some minds his senior year of high school. “I will never forget that story. I really didn’t think the band director was going to let me play. I mean all these other students had spent years learning to read music. I guess he saw something in me” says Sebby.