Kris Gordon

Kris Gordon was born to sing country music. It’s found in his West Texas Panhandle origins and his family musical legacy. You can hear it in his voice and his way with a song and witness it in his seasoned ability to get crowds dancing at every dancehall, club and honky-tonk he plays.

That he entertains and engages listeners with “songs that are down-to-earth and just about everyday life … It’s all about the best songs for me,” is true. It’s also true that he records and delivers them live with verve, a bit of a bad-ass attitude and the sure hand of a musical artist who is already a veteran, even at his young age. That it’s what he’s been doing most all his life and is destined to keep doing, well, dang right.

$5 at Door

Kris Gordon Booking Promo from Mickey Cevallos on Vimeo.