Drew Kennedy


8:00 PM

July 6. 8PM.
No Cover.

Rebellion doesn’t have to be loud. Smarter won’t always get in your face. A revolution can be an awfully nice guy with a small Bose p.a. and head full of songs in a Prius, passing 15-passenger vans and tour buses on his way to his next gig.

“You can’t wait for someone to give you the green light,” says Drew Kennedy, his Prius parked in his New Braunfels, Texas, driveway. “You have to take ownership over what you’re doing and make it happen for yourself. If you wait for someone, you’re going to be waiting for a long time. Maybe forever.”

Over the past decade, Kennedy has left the waiting to other people. The 35-year-old has devoted his life to writing and performing his songs his way for anyone who cares. With a catalog seven-albums deep, one novel penned, a music festival created, and an ever-growing group of admirers comprising elite peers and everyday listeners, Kennedy has done more than build a strong career in music. He has reimagined what it means to be a contemporary songwriter, both artistically and entrepreneurially.